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Application framework, extending functionality of Backbone.js
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cerebral.js Build Status

PREVIEW! many features not implemented

Bringing consciousness down the backbone.

The cerebral framework/library is meant to extend the base functionality of Backbone.js and provide robust patterns of modularity, module loading, unloading and loosely coupled module communication through a pub-sub application core.

It is loosely based on the concepts discussed in Scalable Application Architecture by Nicholas Zakas. and the backbone-aura framework. Tip of the hat to Addy Osmani.


For more details se the (not yet created) link to docs

Application Core

  • Loading and unloading modules
  • Methods for publishing and subscribing to events. Used for inter module communication.


Modules are started with their own sandbox objects that restrict jquery DOM acces to the element their given.

Backbone extensions

Many of the Backbone classes are extended with features and functionality the programmers often have to write themselves or use plugins to use.


  • All event objects can bind to each other and properly remove bindings
  • Added once for firing a handler once then unbinding


  • getters
  • setters


  • Attaching and detaching subviews
  • Proper event handling and disposing, leave no zombie behind
  • Disposing propegates down to all subviews


  • Attach and detach delegate views to pick up link clicks on.
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