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Splice-Let's cure together

About Us

We are a non-profit open source platform for medical professionals especially Doctors to not only be able to resolve their issues by getting in touch with professionals of similar background but also share knowledge amongst themselves. Thus, rendering the scope of the website to be limited only by the imagination of these highly qualified professionals from different parts of the world.

We believe that when a team of doctors give out challenges to the engineers and innovators of the world about what their needs are - It is very likely that there will be a lot of people responding to that call. Some may succeed and many may fail, but at the very least, we will have a discussion, an exchange and hopefully a solution.

A Doctor has complete control on what he posts and where he posts. Other doctors have a right to vote or comment on one's posts. Doctors from different part of the world can share information, upload video files, images and documents to be shared between other doctors from different parts of the world. Additionally, there is an option for common man to upload information pertaining to their particular illness without actually revealing their identity. This information acts as a vital subject matter for doctors to be able to examine data obtained for that particular illness.

There is significant future scope to this website where we plan to include patent and regulatory services for professionals from different areas providing them with simple solutions to these lengthy and streanous but critical problems. Additionally, further levels of segregation can be created in near future for doctors from a very specialized domain to be able to interact within that specialized group also. These will be based on the total credits obtained through current settings of the portal plus minimum credit requirements.


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