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Automate WordPress updating using Ansible & WP-Cli
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Automates the process of updating WordPress blogs in several domains/servers by using Ansible ( and WP-Cli (

I have only tried in Ubuntu. Not sure if Ansible works in Windows.

Disclaimer: You should be careful with any script you use. It is always unsafe to installa anything you have not properly reviewed.



You must have ansible installed in your system. See:

Download or clone this project

You may download it to any folder in your computer.

Create your roles/update-blogs/vars/main.yml file

wpcliuser: valid_username_in_the_server
wpcligroup: valid_group_in_the_server
wpclipath: /usr/local/bin/wp
        blog_folder: /var/www/

Modify /etc/ansible/hosts

Add a section called [blogs]:


NOTE: Only the domains in this folder will be updated.


Run it from the folder where you have your wp.yml file.

Normal usage

$ ansible-playbook wp.yml

If you want to install WP-Cli

$ ansible-playbook wp.yml --extra-vars "installcli=true" -K

NOTE: If I were you I would install this manually in your server. Just added it for very lazy people.

If you want mayor WordPress version updates

$ ansible-playbook wp.yml --extra-vars "major=true"


  • Backup all the files before updating.
  • The database backup is always using the same file. I would like to use a different file every time. And maybe download them compressed and delete the old ones.

If you do not like WP-Cli

Peter (??) created this script that does not use WP-Cli, just plain Ansible:

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