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A simple bash script for linux to increase brightness, decrease brightness, set brightnes, current brightnes,nightmode and daymode by running the commands in your terminal. For example as a root user run : "backblacklight nightmode" in your terminal for nightmode

Intallation : run the following commands in your linux terminal for cloning and installation


     git clone

     cd brightness_bashshell_script

Usage: After Installation:


run : backlight [commands] [options]


        current    : Shows present brightness level within the max brighness level
        increase   : increases brightness
        decrease   : decreases brightness 
        set        : sets brightness to an Integer
        nightmmode : Nightmode
        daymode    : Daymode

 [options]         : input integers form 1 to maximum brightness

Example usage : To increase brightness by one level. Run the following in Command Line Interface.

         backlight increase

Example usage : To set brightness level to 300 in range of 1 to maximum brightness(for Intel processors the max brigntness may be 937 in integer number). Run the following in Command Line Interface.

         backlight set 300 

Note : Debian(.deb) exclusive package is available at Gitlab rep


Run '' in the Command Line interface, from the same directory, so that the package for controlling the brightness by Command Line Interface is disabled and concerned packge(this package) is deleted/purged/uninstalled.


Developed and Contributed by: @gorlapraveen