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Browser to Browser Radio communication for Internet Access : [Radio + Addon]


A System for ease of Individual Internet access and circumventing Individual censorship!

Design Status Production AUR Contributing Progress Roadmap Gitter

Vision :

To design a system for ease of Individual Internet access and circumventing Individual censorship while working with open communities.


Establishing the Radio communication between two or more systems by establishing communication between two or more open browsers within the Radio frequency range with the helpful combination of GNU radio-Software Defined Radio(SDR software + RF Hardware) with Firefox web browser addon.

  • Problem:

      • When user is refused for Internet connection(Wireless/Wired).
      • When Specific user is censored to access Web.
  • The Objectives and Implementations of This project includes:

      • Establishing the Radio communication between two or more systems by establishing communication between two or more [open browsers] systems within the Radiofrequency range.
      • This is by integrating (Firefox) browser with GNU radio -and SDR Hardware. Taking the advantage of developing and implementing [Firefox] addon(s).
      • Taking the advantage of complete Open policy implementation.

System Design Implementation: HERE


A System/Device which is censored(refused internet connection) to access Web, can Privately access Web:

    • This helps in communicating with nearby systems(having Internet access) within the radio frequency range when your(or someones) Internet service Provider refused to provide user based internet and/or when there is individual user defined Censorship for accesing Web.
    • Need no direct internet access(or WiFi network) for two or more system communication within the range.
    • Increases the anonymity and privacy of the user by Hiding the true (IP) address of Orginating system.
    • Avoiding the internal censorship while connecting to other systems for accessing the Internet.

What feature, release, or product can others work on during the program ?

Contributions are welcome in each and every area of the project: Issues and Contributing Guidelines

  • Cryptographical integration with GNu Radio
  • Firefox integration with GNU radio.
  • Developing browser add-ons for the above implementation.
  • Proposing the Universal open policy recommendations for community involvement and implementation of this project.
  • Developing models for Adapting this project without technical assistance for the common user or the community.

Resource Required:

Knowledge on GNU radio, Low cost SDR hardware, System Communication , Firefox Addon framework and Open Internet policies.

Key Metrics:

Alpha(1-5 member, Implementation, Develop, test) >Beta(1 -10 members test and use) > Stable(>40 members use) release with larger community participation & adaption.


Project Lead: @gorlapraveen @tejasri19 @rajasekharponakala

Mentor(During MozillaOL7): @katjaq

Project Status: Ongoing.

Mozilla Open Leader 6: Issue

Project Roadmap : at Issue #6 in this repo.

Progress tracking:Github-Projects-Dashboard

Open canvas:Presentation

Open Canvas Text: github-Document

Join the conversersations: Gitter


Make use of Open Canvas Template for you projects.


[ Firefox ]Browser to Browser Radio communication for Internet access





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