Lazy Resizer is a set of php scripts that provides a convenient way of storing resized images
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Lazy Resizer


Lazy Resizer is a set of php scripts that provides a convenient way of storing resized images. It's not a resizing library, but it can use one.

How it works

Script creates a URL of a resized image. But for that moment it does not know whether a resized image exists or not.

When a resized image would be requested and if it exists, image returns to a browser, otherwise image path rewrites to a php script and resized image will be created.

After resized image was created once, it will never require php script to be executed.


  • PHP v5.3.0 or higher
  • Apache web server with mod_rewrite (or you can use any similar module for your favorite web server)


  • Download this project by issuing a git command git clone --recursive git:// or visit a download page
  • Configure imgcache/.htaccess and resize_handler/config.php for your project
  • Extend LazyResizer class and implement methods resizeAndSave and loadConfig (or just use resize_handler/PHPThumbResizer.php along with PHPThumb library)
  • In resize_handler/resize_handler.php include your class and call a static method replaceResized

Usage within a website


PHPThumbResizer::resizedPath($original, 50, 100, array('mode' => 'adaptive'))
  • $original is a URL to an original image
  • $width and $height is an integer. If you specify one of them it will be fine.
  • A third optional parameter is an array of parameters that will be added to a returned URL

In this case it returns URL like



Will be glad to get any advice on how to improve the project.