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@@ -2,6 +2,9 @@
// Name of a region icon
// Valid icon names are: modific, dot, circle, bookmark and cross
+ // WARNING: if you set value different than 'modific',
+ // you may experience issues with UI of Sublime.
+ // See
"region_icon": "modific",
// You can use your commands instead of plain "git" or "svn"
@@ -76,19 +76,6 @@ If some sacred punishment has been bestowed upon you, and you have no other choi
If you use different than the default theme, you can customize colors of bullets on the gutter by adding [this]( chunk of code to your theme.
-Known issues
-_Issue #9_: Sometimes disappear icons in the gutter and the tabs row.
-If you know exactly how to reproduce those issues, please write a comment [here](
-My guess is there is a bug in Sublime when plugin use `add_regions` API.
-**Workaround:** Change color scheme, restart sublime, switch back to your favorite color scheme. (Thanks to @owend).
-And please, vote for this issue on the [Sublime's bug tracker](
Released under the [WTFPLv2](

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