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SVN and @ in the filename disables the plugin #17

spaze opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I have a file named versioned using SVN and when I edit the file the diff markers are not shown after saving the file and when I do diff (Ctrl+Alt+D) it says

svn: E125001: '' is just a peg revision. Maybe try '' instead?

Maybe related to issue #10? FWIW, using version 2012.
Thanks for looking into this!



Tried to append @ at the end of the file name, but I receive

svn: E150000: '/tmp/svntmp/' is not under version control

I'm afraid I have no idea how to fix that :(
I leave this issue open, maybe someone else can help.


Hi, unfortunately SVN requires a revision for the diff command too in this case, adding the trailing @ is not enough. So

svn diff --internal-diff --revision HEAD

is the correct command for diffing the file. Note the extra --revision HEAD and trailing @.

@gornostal gornostal referenced this issue from a commit
@gornostal Fix for issue #17 57a45e4

It's really working!
But I've noticed that with --revision HEAD diff command executes slowly.
Probably that's because it gets revision from a server.
So I add --revision HEAD to params only when a file name starts with @

And thank you for the solution :)

@gornostal gornostal closed this

Cool, thanks for the fix. And yes, --revision HEAD talks to the server, --revision BASE does not, but that does not work at all with @-sign in the filename. So I guess this fix is enough (at least for me).

And by the way, the problem is not only when the filename starts with the @-sign, but whenever it contains the @-sign, no matter the position, so file_name.startswith('@') better be replaced with file_name.find('@') != -1.



Done. Thanks again.

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