autosave not working, files keep getting saved. #31

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Took me quite a while to realize which of the sublime2 packages triggered my watches every time i focused on a file.

After i discovered it was modific i saw the relevant setting which i immediately set on my user settings file Modific.sublime-settings (I even tried the main Preferences.sublime-settings file).

However the auto-saving persisted, although i think it was on focus-lost this time.

The only solution for me was to put the Modific package in the ignored_packages setting, in-effect switching the package off.


Have you tried to set autosave option to false in Modific's settings?


Oops, sorry. Just noticed the title :)
I will try to investigate this issue on the weekends.


My apologies for the delay.

So, I set "autosave": false in config and somehow I can't reproduce this case.
File is saved only after I hit Ctrl+S.

Could you describe how to reproduce that?


@gornostal gornostal closed this Aug 1, 2013
UltCombo commented Aug 8, 2013

@gornostal Can you make this option more evident in the documentation/readme? It took me a while to find the responsible for this auto-save "feature".

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