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Gutter mark graphic corrupted #39

mmmpie opened this Issue · 6 comments

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In ST 3, OSX 10.8, the mark in the gutter does not match the screenshots in the readme.
They look like they are being corrupted somewhere along the line. Restarting ST did not fix the problem.



ST3 has an issue with icons in the gutter. I guess it will be fixed in near future but now you have few options:
1. In Modific's config set "region_icon": "dot"
2. Open console (Ctrl+`) and find where Sublime is looking for icons. Then put icons from the plugin into that directory.

And could you give me a path that you'll find in console? Maybe I can make a workaround for this issue.


Okay, I see. I'm not sure how to fix this though.
I can suggest you to install Modific via git clone command (see README). Package Control will keep Modific up-to-date.


ST3 no longer unpacks the contents of installed packages into the Packages folder, meaning plugins don't have access to their assets. This same thing is biting Package Control right now - more info in the Package Control docs under "Sublime Text 3 > Git Install". I'd follow wbond's progress on Github to see how he get's around this.

To resolve this issue in the short term I had to install Modific using Package Manager then clone the repo into my Packages folder. That way both Sublime and Modific have files where expected.


@berryp try to install latest dev version. They have fixed issue with icons in build 3014. And I made corresponding changes to the python3 branch of Modific.
I'll push those changes to the master as soon as we get new stable release.


This was fixed. Closing.

@gornostal gornostal closed this
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