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Modific taking up 100% cpu #41

yassert opened this Issue · 5 comments

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yassert Aleksandr Gornostal

I have sublime text 2.0.1 Build 2217 installed. The only plugin enabled is Modific. Sometimes when I am editing files, the CPU usage of ST2 goes up to 100% for half a minute or so before coming down and meanwhile I cannot do anything. I think its Modific which is the culprit since if I disable it, the problem vanishes. The file sizes are not huge (<1M). The only thing I could think of was that maybe there are delays in connecting with the svn server. Anyone else having similar problems?

P.S. I really like Modific, for me its absolutely a must with ST2.

Aleksandr Gornostal

SVN does not suppose to connect to the server when it does diff command. Can you run svn diff from console and tell me how long does it take?


svn diff does not take long at all. Anyways, the slow down occurs when I am simply editing the files. I thought of the svn server because there are a lot of files in the project (~ 200) and often I have 10-15 files open at the same time.

Sometimes a restart of ST2 helps but sometimes just disabling/renabling makes the problem go away, for a while.

Aleksandr Gornostal

Interesting. I will try to reproduce later today.
Yesterday I cloned a small svn repo, made few changes and everything was fine - Modific did not slow down ST2.

Aleksandr Gornostal

I tried, but it worked fine. Can you check this issue on other svn project or install ST2 on different computer?


OK, I will try that. By the way, thanks for the quick replies.

Aleksandr Gornostal gornostal closed this
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