My simple implementation of MySQL schema migration on ZF1
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Using this code you can make your application do automatic upgrades of database schema.


Add this options to your config file:

migration.dir = APPLICATION_PATH "/../migrations"
migration.schema_version = 1.0.0

schema_version could be any "PHP-standardized" version string

Add migration init to your bootstrap like in example.

Create migrations folder and put migration scripts in it.


First you have create install-ver.php script that contains sql commands that describe first version of your DB schema. This script must return version number string.

Then programm checks whether it needs for upgrade. And if it does, app starts looking for migration script that begin with current version number. This process continues until the current version will not be equal to a version defined in config file.

Syntax of migration files

Migration scripts are executed from within Migration class, so you have $this variable that refers to that class object. One method that you should use is

$this->_execSql('sql command');

Ofcourse you can call other methods but it is not recomended.

I know it's maybe bad idea to run scripts from within Migration class but I wanted reduce amount of files for this project.

In the end of migration script you must return new version number.