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Poll Everyone, a clone of Poll Everywhere, is a live polling / survey web application that allows:

  • presenters to create and edit multiple choice questions, and organize them into groups
  • participants to answer activated polls from their own devices via a custom link
  • audiences and presenters to view results in real time

Technologies Used

  • Backend
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Action Cable (WebSockets)
    • PostgreSQL
    • GraphQL Ruby with batch loading (in combination with RESTful routing)
  • Frontend
    • React & React-Router
    • Redux for UI state management
    • React Query & Relay for data fetching & caching
    • Recharts for graphing poll results
    • SCSS



  • Poll Everywhere has undergone a redesign since I cloned it; check out these screen grabs to see the previous design.

  • I'd recommend testing the realtime results by using two devices or browsers: presenting on one, and participating on the other

  • Right now, data fetching and caching is done with Relay for the dashboard, and with React Query for the other pages, as well as for all data mutations.

    • I started with Redux-only, using Redux Thunk middleware for API-related actions.
    • Then, I looked into caching-oriented solutions and converted everything to React Query.
    • Finally, I wanted to learn GraphQL, and was curious about the React Suspense integration provided by Relay, so I partially migrated over to Relay / GraphQL
    • Because of this in-progress, hybrid solution, I didn't implement optimistic updates for mutations made on the dashboard.

Next Steps

  • Complete GraphQL implementation

  • Improve accessibility

  • Add drag and drop functionality to polls in the polls index

  • Build out poll configurations and settings


Poll Everyone is Rails / Postgres / React stack clone of Poll Everywhere, a live polling / survey web application







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