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update to psqlrc

- having autocommit disabled bugged me
- timing on (suggestion from magnush)
- 'top' command to view current queries (suggestion from selenamarie);  use as ":top" from psql
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1 parent 2b52549 commit da3ec9c2bdc802af299e68b5d795d141016ad309 @gorthx committed May 24, 2012
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4 psqlrc
@@ -1,3 +1,5 @@
\pset null '[null]'
\set HISTFILE ~/.psql_history- :DBNAME
-\set AUTOCOMMIT off
+\set top 'SELECT waiting, usename, procpid, COALESCE(now()-query_start, now()-backend_start) AS duration, client_addr, current_query FROM pg_stat_activity WHERE current_query <> ''<IDLE>'' ORDER BY duration;'

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