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shortcut menu bar

Shortcut Menu Bar - VSCode Extension

Add 35+ handy buttons like beautify, show opened files, save, toggle terminal, activity bar, Find replace etc to the editor menu bar in VSCode. You can also create your own buttons with custom commands.

- Made by Gourav Goyal

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📷 Screenshot

shortcut menu bar

Enable/Disable buttons from VSCode settings

Go to VSCode settings (CTRL+, or CMD+,) and search for shortcut menu bar. Toggle buttons from there.

shortcut menu bar

Currently added buttons

shortcut menu bar

Save active file
Navigate back
Navigate forward
Beautify/format document or selection
Beautify/format document or selection with multiple formatters
Undo/Redo buttons
Open files list
Save all
show/hide terminal
show/hide render whitespace
Quick open (Ctrl+P)
show/hide activity bar
Find & replace in active file (Ctrl+H)
Switch header source (for .cpp files)
Toggle line comment
Open file, New file
Go to definition
Cut, Copy, Paste
Start Debugging
User-defined buttons (0-9)

Create buttons with custom commands

You can create upto 10 user-defined buttons.
Buttons will be shown as numbers as shown in below image.

User Buttons

Note: To add custom icons for commands, see this hack.

You can also trigger a button by using corresponding hotkey combination (Windows: Ctrl+Alt+0, Ctrl+Alt+1, Ctrl+Alt+2, etc, Mac: Shift+Cmd+0, Shift+Cmd+1, Shift+Cmd+2, etc)

  1. Got to extension settings (Ctrl+, or Cmd+,).

  2. Look for Shortcut Menu Bar: User Button

  3. Add any VSCode command or any other extension command in the input field. Button icon will be visible only when you add a command.

    Add Command

Optionally, you can also:

  • Pass command arguments: add command arguments separated by pipe (e.g. workbench.action.tasks.runTask|My Task)
  • Run multiple commands: add comma-separated list of commands and those will get executed sequentially.

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FAQ 🙋‍

I found a bug, where to report?
Please create a new issue on Github.

How can I add my own/custom buttons?
Follow above section.

Can I contribute new buttons to the extension repo?
Sure. To add buttons see "Adding new buttons" section of file in repo.
Go through the repo, it's fairly simple to understand code and add a button. Send me a PR!

How can I disable/Enable a button?
Follow above section.