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No bullshit 🙅💩

A React Webpack starter that doesn't get in your way.

Perfect if you need something very basic. A simple experience that's to that of brunch-with-react.

If you are only getting into React and know nothing about Webpack, and the word itself is enough to scare you, consider starting with No bullshit. (Or Brunch — both are good starter options, really.)

If you're the [almost] clean slate guy, No bullshit is for you too. It provides the minimal foundation that you can build atop.


  1. git clone https://github.com/goshakkk/no-bs-react-webpack-starter.git my-awesome-app
  2. cd my-awesome-app
  3. npm install

Server :bowtie:

Start the server with:

npm run start

And see your app live at localhost:8080

Do your magic

All your app files live in app.

Organize these however you want. You always can use import x from 'xyz' to react app/xyz.js(x).

Build 👷

Bundle your apps with its dependencies using:

npm run build

You'll get an index.html and an app.js file inside build.