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Game based on hashing algorithms.
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A memory game based on hashing algorithms.


Created using python 2.7 and pygame.

How To Play

Run using python 2.7 with pygame installed.

On screen you will see nine boxes numbered 1-9. Along the right hand side of the screen instructions will appear.

An instruction consists of an arrow and a data item (4 coloured squares).

A blue arrow is an 'insert' instruction. To complete this instruction, click on one of your boxes and the data item will be stored in that box.

A red arrow is a 'remove' instruction. To complete this instruction click on the box that houses the relevant data item. If you click the wrong box and the data item is not found you will be delayed.

The more data items in a box, the longer it takes to perform insert and remove operations so you must effectively manage your storage to succeed.

The game ends when there is no more room on screen for additional instructions.

Home Page

This game and others by the author can be found at:
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