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A bot for playing Interactive Fiction through twitter.
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Twitter Adventure Bot

A work-in-progress twitter bot that allows multiple users to play an Interactive Fiction game together.

Build Instructions

Before building the repo you must include the project's git sub-modules:

git submodule init

The project uses Docker to combine all its elements into a single image for execution.

The Dockerfile is in the root folder and can be built with this command:

docker build -t 'tab:1' .

Project Structure

Purpose of directories within the project:

    - Python3 virtualenv for running and developing the system. 

* frotz
    - Git sub-module containing the frotz z-machine interpreter.

* game-runner 
    - Python modules for running the games. 

* z8
    - Z-Machine story files that can be run with frotz.
    - The repo includes one z8 for testing purposes.  A build of the
      open source version of Adventure sourced from:
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