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An exhaustive database of characters and scenes in the Gospels
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The Gospels, with a Narrative Apparatus

This project is a follow-up to the 2012 Gospels, which laid out Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John in a readerly fashion, to make their narrative force more immediate. Now for the opposite: to render the narrative structure of the Gospels in systematic definitude.

The basis for the project is the SBLGNT critical text (perhaps in its MorphGNT variant). There are two tasks:

  1. Catalog, taxonomically, all of the characters in the Gospels.

  2. Sequentially relate all of the verbs in the Gospels, according to a scale of space and time.

(This may call for tools beyond a text editor and a few scripts.)

Then, I suppose, the third: to publish! Print and digital? There would be interesting things to publish even after just the first task.


Prototype 1

Prototype 1.5


My own purpose is to establish the mycelial network whence bloom The Twelve Believers.

Ruth wants to know all of the scenes that don't include Jesus(!).



I don't know. It's in here and I want it to be out there. 🙏

"To share the word of God in a new light." —Ruth

"All about bringing your [as in, my] relationship with God closer [as in, to each other(?!)]." —Miriam


The Twelve Believers inspire me. I can't keep it in. I can't keep it in—I've got to let it out ... but(!) ... safely. Definitively.

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