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GoSquared's Flag Icon Set

Here you'll find all the files available in our flag icon set and the tools we use to generate the downloadable file.

If you have any comments, corrections or additions then let us know with an issue or pull request

Coming soon

  • More flags
  • Flag sprites along with accompanying CSS/SCSS/SASS and tools to generate them

License and Usage

MIT, see LICENSE.txt

Building your own version of the icon set

If you want to build your own version of this flag set, with any additions or modifications, just edit the files in src/flags. Each flag has its own folder, and inside each folder there is one PNG file for each size of the flag. Also in each folder is a file called code, which contains the ISO-3166-2 country code for the flag.

To generate the full set, just run make (you may want to run make clean if you have removed any flags). To speed up generation, try running make -jN where N is the number of CPU cores you have (e.g. make -j4 on a quad-core machine)

Tools required for generating the set

  • GNU Make
  • imagemagick
  • png2icns (provided on Ubuntu by icnsutils, or via sourceforge)
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