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This addon provides decorators for Sparkles/Glimmer components to handle arguments in a nice way.

Sparkle Components is a proof-of-concept to Glimmer Components to use them in ember projects for early adopters.


ember install sparkles-decorators


In your component:

// src/ui/components/my-component/component.ts
import Component from 'sparkles-component';
import { arg } from 'sparkles-decorators';

interface Args {
  foo?: string;
  bar?: string;

export default class MyComponent extends Component<Args> {
  // default using object descriptor
  @arg({default: 'bar'}) foo!: string;

  // default using initializer
  @arg bar!: string = 'baz';
{{! src/ui/components/my-component/template.hbs}}
{{! src/ui/routes/application/template.hbs}}

<MyComponent /> {{! prints 'bar'}}

Use the @arg decorator to bind properties to arguments (one-way). If an initializer is present, that will be used for your default value. Alternatively, you can pass a default value (or function) in the descriptor object which will be assigned to the property if none is set.

You can also specify the name of your argument (if property and name are different):

export default class MyComponent extends Component {
  @arg({name: 'foo'}) bam!: string;

// shorthand code (since 0.0.3):
export default class MyComponent extends Component {
  @arg('foo') bam!: string;
{{! src/ui/components/my-component/template.hbs}}
{{! src/ui/routes/application/template.hbs}}

<MyComponent @foo='bar'/> {{! prints 'bar'}}




name (optional) - the name of the argument

config options

@arg(options?) (optional) - the name of the argument
options.default (optional) - the default value or function


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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