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GOST repository containing database initialization sql script, shell install script and some Docker commands.

GOST schema is by default in schema gost.v1

Testcase: Connect in pgadmin with localhost:5432 postgres/postgres, GOST database should be in gost.v1

SQL script

Run sql script in a new GOST database, default user/password: postgres/postgres

Shell script - for installation without Docker

Run ( to installl PostgreSQL + PostGIS + GOST database from terminal.

$ wget
$ sh


Public image: []

Public image Raspberry Pi: []

Running GOST database

$ docker run -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_DB=gost geodan/gost-db

Running GOST database on Raspberry Pi

$ docker run -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_DB=gost geodan/rpi-gost-db

Building gost-db image

$ docker build -t geodan/gost-db .
$ docker push geodan/gost-db

Building rpi-gost-db image for Raspberry Pi

$ docker build -f Dockerfile-rpi -t geodan/rpi-gost-db .
$ docker push geodan/rpi-gost-db

Database tuning

The database is tuned in the postgresql.conf files, changes:

shared_buffers -> 512MB (from 128MB)

work_mem -> 16MB (from 1 MB)

synchronous_commit -> off (from 'on')

wal_buffers -> 16MB (from ?)

wal_writer_delay -> 1000ms (from 200 ms)

checkpoint_timeout -> 15min (from 5min)