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  1. gosu Public

    2D game development library for Ruby and C++

    C++ 1.9k 180

  2. releasy Public

    A rake task generator to help with building/packaging/deploying Ruby applications (⚠️ unmaintained)

    Ruby 378 31

  3. ashton Public

    Special graphical effects and other extensions for the Ruby/Gosu game library (⚠️ unmaintained)

    C 45 10

  4. fidgit Public

    Ruby GUI framework using Gosu (⚠️ unmaintained)

    Ruby 44 7

  5. ruby-app Public

    macOS app that contains a full Ruby installation (for use with Ruby/Gosu)

    Ruby 43 6

  6. Example game collection for Ruby/Gosu, add yours by sending a PR!

    Ruby 40 27


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