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## File: ChipmunkIntegration.rb
## Author: Dirk Johnson
## Version: 1.0.0
## Date: 2007-10-05
## License: Same as for Gosu (MIT)
## Comments: Based on the Gosu Ruby Tutorial, but incorporating the Chipmunk Physics Engine
## See for the accompanying text.
require 'rubygems'
require 'gosu'
require 'chipmunk'
# The number of steps to process every Gosu update
# The Player ship can get going so fast as to "move through" a
# star without triggering a collision; an increased number of
# Chipmunk step calls per update will effectively avoid this issue
# Convenience method for converting from radians to a Vec2 vector.
class Numeric
def radians_to_vec2, Math::sin(self))
# Layering of sprites
module ZOrder
Background, Stars, Player, UI = *0..3
# This game will have one Player in the form of a ship
class Player
attr_reader :shape
def initialize(window, shape)
@image =, "media/Starfighter.bmp", false)
@shape = shape
@shape.body.p =, 0.0) # position
@shape.body.v =, 0.0) # velocity
# Keep in mind that down the screen is positive y, which means that PI/2 radians,
# which you might consider the top in the traditional Trig unit circle sense is actually
# the bottom; thus 3PI/2 is the top
@shape.body.a = (3*Math::PI/2.0) # angle in radians; faces towards top of screen
# Directly set the position of our Player
def warp(vect)
@shape.body.p = vect
# Apply negative Torque; Chipmunk will do the rest
# SUBSTEPS is used as a divisor to keep turning rate constant
# even if the number of steps per update are adjusted
def turn_left
@shape.body.t -= 400.0/SUBSTEPS
# Apply positive Torque; Chipmunk will do the rest
# SUBSTEPS is used as a divisor to keep turning rate constant
# even if the number of steps per update are adjusted
def turn_right
@shape.body.t += 400.0/SUBSTEPS
# Apply forward force; Chipmunk will do the rest
# SUBSTEPS is used as a divisor to keep acceleration rate constant
# even if the number of steps per update are adjusted
# Here we must convert the angle (facing) of the body into
# forward momentum by creating a vector in the direction of the facing
# and with a magnitude representing the force we want to apply
def accelerate
@shape.body.apply_force((@shape.body.a.radians_to_vec2 * (3000.0/SUBSTEPS)),, 0.0))
# Apply even more forward force
# See accelerate for more details
def boost
@shape.body.apply_force((@shape.body.a.radians_to_vec2 * (3000.0)),, 0.0))
# Apply reverse force
# See accelerate for more details
def reverse
@shape.body.apply_force(-(@shape.body.a.radians_to_vec2 * (1000.0/SUBSTEPS)),, 0.0))
# Wrap to the other side of the screen when we fly off the edge
def validate_position
l_position = % SCREEN_WIDTH, @shape.body.p.y % SCREEN_HEIGHT)
@shape.body.p = l_position
def draw
@image.draw_rot(@shape.body.p.x, @shape.body.p.y, ZOrder::Player, @shape.body.a.radians_to_gosu)
# See how simple our Star is?
# Of course... it just sits around and looks good...
class Star
attr_reader :shape
def initialize(animation, shape)
@animation = animation
@color = = rand(255 - 40) + 40 = rand(255 - 40) + 40 = rand(255 - 40) + 40
@shape = shape
@shape.body.p = * SCREEN_WIDTH, rand * SCREEN_HEIGHT) # position
@shape.body.v =, 0.0) # velocity
@shape.body.a = (3*Math::PI/2.0) # angle in radians; faces towards top of screen
def draw
img = @animation[Gosu::milliseconds / 100 % @animation.size];
img.draw(@shape.body.p.x - img.width / 2.0, @shape.body.p.y - img.height / 2.0, ZOrder::Stars, 1, 1, @color, :add)
# The Gosu::Window is always the "environment" of our game
# It also provides the pulse of our game
class GameWindow < Gosu::Window
def initialize
self.caption = "Gosu & Chipmunk Integration Demo"
@background_image =, "media/Space.png", true)
# Put the beep here, as it is the environment now that determines collision
@beep =, "media/Beep.wav")
# Put the score here, as it is the environment that tracks this now
@score = 0
@font =, Gosu::default_font_name, 20)
# Time increment over which to apply a physics "step" ("delta t")
@dt = (1.0/60.0)
# Create our Space and set its damping
# A damping of 0.8 causes the ship bleed off its force and torque over time
# This is not realistic behavior in a vacuum of space, but it gives the game
# the feel I'd like in this situation
@space =
@space.damping = 0.8
# Create the Body for the Player
body =, 150.0)
# In order to create a shape, we must first define it
# Chipmunk defines 3 types of Shapes: Segments, Circles and Polys
# We'll use s simple, 4 sided Poly for our Player (ship)
# You need to define the vectors so that the "top" of the Shape is towards 0 radians (the right)
shape_array = [, -25.0),, 25.0),, 1.0),, -1.0)]
shape =, shape_array,,0))
# The collision_type of a shape allows us to set up special collision behavior
# based on these types. The actual value for the collision_type is arbitrary
# and, as long as it is consistent, will work for us; of course, it helps to have it make sense
shape.collision_type = :ship
@player =, shape)
@player.warp(, 240)) # move to the center of the window
@star_anim = Gosu::Image::load_tiles(self, "media/Star.png", 25, 25, false)
@stars =
# Here we define what is supposed to happen when a Player (ship) collides with a Star
# I create a @remove_shapes array because we cannot remove either Shapes or Bodies
# from Space within a collision closure, rather, we have to wait till the closure
# is through executing, then we can remove the Shapes and Bodies
# In this case, the Shapes and the Bodies they own are removed in the Gosu::Window.update phase
# by iterating over the @remove_shapes array
# Also note that both Shapes involved in the collision are passed into the closure
# in the same order that their collision_types are defined in the add_collision_func call
@remove_shapes = []
@space.add_collision_func(:ship, :star) do |ship_shape, star_shape|
@score += 10
@remove_shapes << star_shape
# Here we tell Space that we don't want one star bumping into another
# The reason we need to do this is because when the Player hits a Star,
# the Star will travel until it is removed in the update cycle below
# which means it may collide and therefore push other Stars
# To see the effect, remove this line and play the game, every once in a while
# you'll see a Star moving
@space.add_collision_func(:star, :star, &nil)
def update
# Step the physics environment SUBSTEPS times each update
SUBSTEPS.times do
# This iterator makes an assumption of one Shape per Star making it safe to remove
# each Shape's Body as it comes up
# If our Stars had multiple Shapes, as would be required if we were to meticulously
# define their true boundaries, we couldn't do this as we would remove the Body
# multiple times
# We would probably solve this by creating a separate @remove_bodies array to remove the Bodies
# of the Stars that were gathered by the Player
@remove_shapes.each do |shape|
@stars.delete_if { |star| star.shape == shape }
@remove_shapes.clear # clear out the shapes for next pass
# When a force or torque is set on a Body, it is cumulative
# This means that the force you applied last SUBSTEP will compound with the
# force applied this SUBSTEP; which is probably not the behavior you want
# We reset the forces on the Player each SUBSTEP for this reason
# Wrap around the screen to the other side
# Check keyboard
if button_down? Gosu::KbLeft
if button_down? Gosu::KbRight
if button_down? Gosu::KbUp
if ( (button_down? Gosu::KbRightShift) || (button_down? Gosu::KbLeftShift) )
elsif button_down? Gosu::KbDown
# Perform the step over @dt period of time
# For best performance @dt should remain consistent for the game
# Each update (not SUBSTEP) we see if we need to add more Stars
if rand(100) < 4 and @stars.size < 25 then
body =, 0.0001)
shape =, 25/2,, 0.0))
shape.collision_type = :star
@stars.push(, shape))
def draw
@background_image.draw(0, 0, ZOrder::Background)
@stars.each { |star| star.draw }
@font.draw("Score: #{@score}", 10, 10, ZOrder::UI, 1.0, 1.0, 0xffffff00)
def button_down(id)
if id == Gosu::KbEscape
window =
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