Add localizable "button to string" function; deprecate button_id_to_char/char_to_button_id #102

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jlnr commented Aug 26, 2011

Gosu should support a function to print a button's name. It would be nice if the names were localizable, but also if you could limit the languages at the same time, since it would look weird to output their German names in an English game.

Once this has been added, the button id <> char conversion functions can be deprecated. Since TextInput has been introduced, this is their only valid use case.

How is this going, given the recent SDL2 stuff?

jlnr commented May 5, 2014

I don't want to introduce new features at this point (PR branch on top of a PR branch was a stupid idea :)), but I think the SDL actually has functions for this \o/ So this can be fixed later in 0.8.x.

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How is this going, given the recent SDL2 stuff?

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