Ruby Packaging on Windows

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Ruby Packaging on Windows

To compile your Ruby game into an executable on Windows, you can manually use Ocra on the command line. The new & awesome (but still experimental way) is to use Spooner's Releasy - see the documentation there.

In theory, ocra should be as simple as these two lines in a command prompt:

gem install ocra
ocra my_ruby_game.rb

Other gems like chipmunk and opengl might require their own DLLs too. You can put them in a lib subdirectory and then include them on the command line:

ocra my_ruby_game.rb lib\*

To let your game find the DLLs, you have to change the PATH environment variable like this somewhere early in your game:

ENV['PATH'] = File.join(GAMEROOT, "lib") + ";" + ENV['PATH']

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the Gosu boards or on reddit.