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A tiny (3kb minimized, 1.3kb min+gzip) property tween library. Use this to easily tween values!


There are a lot of animation libraries out there, but they are bloated and have dependencies. jQuery works fine most of the time unless you want to animate complex CSS properties or just want a "ticker". CreateJS provides a tween library but it requires EaselJS or a custom ticker implementation. Tweenr was designed to just work and abstract from rendering so you can use any library you want for that, or even create your own implementation on top of tweenr.


Tweenr is a tweening library which "animates" sets of properties in an easy manner. It's abstracted from rendering, so you can use it for pretty much anything.

require(['tweenr'], function(tweenr) {
  'use strict';

  // the parameter name is irrelevant, only the order matters
  function render(first, second) {
    // do something with the values, for example
      .width(first + 'px')
      .height(second + 'px')

  // Make a 1 second animation (1000ms), following a square function curve,
  // and call the 'render' function on each step.
    // First property from 0 to 50
    { from: 0, to: 50 },
    // Second property from 10 to 100
    { from: 10, to: 100 },
  ], 1000, 'square', render);

You can also use chain to make a lot of sequential animations.

  // Animation 1
    props: [{ from: 0, to: 300 }, { from: 0, to: 100 }],
    dur: 1000,
    fn:  'linear'
  // Animation 2, starts once Animation 1 is done
    props: [{ from: 300, to: 0 }, { from: 100, to: 0 }],
    dur: 1000,
    fn:  'square'
], render);


You'll need RequireJS or a similar AMD library in order to easily use tweenr for now. You can install tweenr using bower.

bower install tweenr

Create build

To create a build file just use r.js -o build.js. It depends on jQuery and RequireJS. Window users might need to run r.js.cmd instead.


Tweenr is tiny and built on top of requestAnimationFrame and defaults to setTimeout if not available, so it should work fast. If you have performance issues please feel free to open a ticket.