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Robot-Framework Example Buildout:

How to get started with Robot Framework:

To get started, you need to first fork the 4.1-robot repository and then clone and create the Robot Framework coredev buildout.

Fork the 4.1-robot repository:

Go to

Click the "Fork" Button

A new fork will be available at<YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME>/buildout.coredev/

Clone and create the Robot Framework coredev buildout:

$ git clone<YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME>/buildout.coredev
$ cd buildout.coredev
$ git checkout 4.1-robot

or use

$ git clone -b 4.1-robot<YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME/buildout.coredev

to clone the branch

$ python2.6
$ bin/buildout -c pybot.cfg

Once buildout is completed, to run the sample tests type

$ bin/pybot acceptance-tests

If you want pybot to leave the browser up at the point of a failure so you can inspect the failure, you can use the following:

$ bin/pybot --runmode SkipTeardownOnExit --runmode ExitOnFailure acceptance-tests

If you get any of the following errors try these solutions

Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'robotframework-seleniumlibrary'.
Make sure you have Mercurial installed on your system.

Having issues?? Contact

How to contibute to Plone's Robot Framework


For more infomation

Write tests

The goal is to increase the test coverage of Plone's javascript. We are looking for people to write integration tests of Plone's javascript functionality (not unit testing).

We have some tests that check

  • Action menu
  • Overlays
  • Edit view fieldsets
  • Datetime widget
  • Folder contents view
  • Live search
  • Portlet manager

These tests can be expanded upon to cover more aspects of their functionality. Or you can look for areas not covered.


?? do we want to provide guidelines or shall we push to just get more tests without restricting guidelines ??

In addition, we need to work out several issues including

  1. keywords - ?? explain issue and what we are trying to resolve ??
  2. vocabulary/conventions - ?? explain issue and what we are trying to resolve ??
  3. directory structure - ?? explain issue and what we are trying to resolve ??

Integrate robot framework into Plone's testing framework

For reasons of test isolation it is important to intergrate the robot framework into the Plone testing framework.