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This project uses facebook for storing and publishing your images to your Django powered website with this plugin.
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##Django CMS plugin for facebook albums

This is gallery plugin with support for Facebook Albums. It is great to use facebook for storing images and you save in terms of your server storage and ther user has a liberty to add or remove images without even dealing with anything else.

Image are presented in thumbnails, which on clicking would open up in carousel or lightbox.

Setting up

####How to get the access token required ?

First you have to create an APP on facebook.Then,go get your temporary/short-lived access_token temporary access_token Save that access_token and now and then you need to go to this URL to get the permanent access_token:

First make sure you have:

  • app_id
  • app_secret
  • access_token(retrieved from first step)

Replace this values in the url below and get the access token valid for 3 months.{app-id}& client_secret={app-secret}&fb_exchange_token={short-lived-token}

Since we are not following a server side approach here, make sure you generate new access tokens and replace them every three months.

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