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Toolkit for development in a Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM 2011+ environment. Note that the bookmarklets are deprecated in favor of the chrome extension, but will continue to function for CRM 2011 through 8.x.


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Dynamics 365 (CRM) Toolkit

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Contains quick, pretty, and easy to use tools and shortcuts to assist with development in a Dynamics 365 environment.

Keyboard Shortcut

Once installed, press Alt + Shift + G to open the toolbox when inside Dynamics.

Information Displayed

Note: Each of the items below can be copied to your clipboard by double clicking the value, or clicking the copy button on the right.

Depending on what you're viewing in Dynamics and which version you're accessing, one or more of the below may not apply and therefore won't be visible.

Label Description
Dynamics Version Displays the current version of Dynamics that you are accessing
Organization Unique Name Displays the unique name of the current environment you are in
App Name Name of the current business app in model-driven apps
User Name Displays the name of the current user, also is a link to current user's record
User Id Displays the GUID of the current user
Security Roles Displays the names of the security roles assigned to the current user as links
Record URL Displays a link to the current record
Record Id Displays the GUID of the current record
Logical Name Displays the logical name of the current record

Navigation Utilities

Navigator Description
Advanced Find Opens the Advanced Find tool for searching Dynamics data
Import Solution Opens the Dynamics solution import window
Open Record List Requests a logical name of an entity in Dynamics, then opens the default list view for that entity
Open Record Requests both a logical name and a GUID for a specific entity record in Dynamics, then opens it
Open Solution Requests the name of a solution in your Dynamics environment, then opens that solution
Plugin Trace Logs Opens a list view of all the plugin trace logs generated for your environment
Show Environment Variables Displays a listing of all the environment variable definitions in the current organization
Solution History Opens the history view of solutions imported to your environment


Utility Description
Copy Record Id Copies the current record GUID to the clipboard
Copy Record Link Copies the current record URL to the clipboard
Enable Command Checker Enables the Command Checker / Ribbon Debug feature, or refreshes the page such that it is available
Focus Field Requests a field logical name, then sets the focus to that field
Populate Required Fields Finds all required fields and sets a value, except for lookups
Show All Fields Sets the display state of all fields to visible
Show Dirty Fields Displays a list of all fields that have unsaved changes
Show Entity Data Displays a JSON tree representation of the current entity as retrieved from the Web API
Toggle Schema Names Toggles between showing attribute labels and their logical names
Unlock All Fields Sets all attributes on the form to be enabled

Repository Structure

  • archive contains the old bookmarklets that were used in the Dynamics CRM 2011 days, they're still live and hosted on if you wish to use them for older implementations, or need to do something in Internet Explorer (IE).
  • chromeExtension contains the meat of the new hot goodness. Recently rewritten entirely in React with an eye for maintainability and ease of contribution, this extension is what this repository is all about nowadays. All the bookmarklets of old, plus some new tricks are in here. See the README in that folder for more info on it's architecture.


To put it simply, I would love the help. I worked on Dynamics 365/CRM implementations for nearly 10 years, from CRM 4.0 and up. That is no longer my day job, but I'd love to help update this tool for you if I can. If you'd like to contribute but find anything confusing I'm happy to chat through it.

Thanks for stopping by!


Toolkit for development in a Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM 2011+ environment. Note that the bookmarklets are deprecated in favor of the chrome extension, but will continue to function for CRM 2011 through 8.x.