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#ifndef DIR_H
#define DIR_H
* We maintain three exclude pattern lists:
* EXC_CMDL lists patterns explicitly given on the command line.
* EXC_DIRS lists patterns obtained from per-directory ignore files.
* EXC_FILE lists patterns from fallback ignore files.
#define EXC_CMDL 0
#define EXC_DIRS 1
#define EXC_FILE 2
struct dir_entry {
int len;
char name[FLEX_ARRAY]; /* more */
struct exclude_list {
int nr;
int alloc;
struct exclude {
const char *pattern;
const char *base;
int baselen;
} **excludes;
struct dir_struct {
int nr, alloc;
unsigned int show_ignored:1,
struct dir_entry **entries;
/* Exclude info */
const char *exclude_per_dir;
struct exclude_list exclude_list[3];
extern int common_prefix(const char **pathspec);
extern int match_pathspec(const char **pathspec, const char *name, int namelen, int prefix, char *seen);
extern int read_directory(struct dir_struct *, const char *path, const char *base, int baselen);
extern int excluded(struct dir_struct *, const char *);
extern void add_excludes_from_file(struct dir_struct *, const char *fname);
extern void add_exclude(const char *string, const char *base,
int baselen, struct exclude_list *which);
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