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#ifndef ATTR_H
#define ATTR_H
/* An attribute is a pointer to this opaque structure */
struct git_attr;
* Given a string, return the gitattribute object that
* corresponds to it.
struct git_attr *git_attr(const char *, int);
/* Internal use */
extern const char git_attr__true[];
extern const char git_attr__false[];
/* For public to check git_attr_check results */
#define ATTR_TRUE(v) ((v) == git_attr__true)
#define ATTR_FALSE(v) ((v) == git_attr__false)
#define ATTR_UNSET(v) ((v) == NULL)
* Send one or more git_attr_check to git_checkattr(), and
* each 'value' member tells what its value is.
* Unset one is returned as NULL.
struct git_attr_check {
struct git_attr *attr;
const char *value;
int git_checkattr(const char *path, int, struct git_attr_check *);
enum git_attr_direction {
void git_attr_set_direction(enum git_attr_direction, struct index_state *);
#endif /* ATTR_H */
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