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#include "cache.h"
struct reflog_walk_info;
extern void init_reflog_walk(struct reflog_walk_info** info);
extern int add_reflog_for_walk(struct reflog_walk_info *info,
struct commit *commit, const char *name);
extern void fake_reflog_parent(struct reflog_walk_info *info,
struct commit *commit);
extern void show_reflog_message(struct reflog_walk_info *info, int,
enum date_mode, int force_date);
extern void get_reflog_message(struct strbuf *sb,
struct reflog_walk_info *reflog_info);
extern const char *get_reflog_ident(struct reflog_walk_info *reflog_info);
extern void get_reflog_selector(struct strbuf *sb,
struct reflog_walk_info *reflog_info,
enum date_mode dmode, int force_date,
int shorten);
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