A collection of crates that provide examples for developing web applications with the Gotham web framework.

All crates include test cases that prove correct behaviour and serve as an example of how to test your applications.


These examples assume a familiarity with the Rust programming language. If you're new to Rust itself the following resources will assist you to get started:

  1. The Rust book
  2. Programming Rust
  3. Exercisms for Rust
  4. The Rust users community
  5. Rust subreddit


We've grouped examples by functionality. Each group provides one or more examples so you can start with the basics and then ramp up as you become more comfortable.

We recommend reading the examples in the order shown below to allow them to build upon one another. Each group provides it's own README with further information on functionality and ordering.

Functionality Description Count^
Hello World The famous Hello World example application. 1
Routing Dispatching Requests to functionality provided by your application. 4
Path Extracting data from the Request path ensuring type safety. 2
Query String Extracting data from the Request query string whilst ensuring type safety. 1
Cookies Working with Cookies. 1
Sessions Working with Sessions. 2
Headers Working with HTTP Headers. 1
Handlers Developing application logic that responds to web requests. 5
Middleware Developing custom middleware for your application. 1
Shared State Sharing state across your application. 1
Into Response Implementing the Gotham web framework's IntoResponse trait. 1
Templating An example using various templating engines. 1
Static Assets Serving static assets. 1

^ Gotham web framework examples are under active development.


We welcome example contributions from the community. To get started please see the example contribution template README file and starter crate.


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