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# RealWorld API Spec
## How to use the supplied Postman configuration
First ensure you have `newman` installed, by running `newman -v`. If
that fails, ensure you have a recent NodeJS installed, then:
npm install -g newman
Then, to run the supplied Postman configuration against the
globally-available server, at ``:
newman run api/Conduit.postman_collection.json \
-e api/Conduit.postman_integration_test_environment.json \
--global-var "" \
--global-var "PASSWORD=password"
The email and password values function at the time of writing. If not,
use the REST API to create your own user, and substitute in the email
and password you used.
Once you have this working, you can point it at your own backend, by
modifying `api/Conduit.postman_environment.json`.
## Considerations for your backend with [CORS](
If the backend is about to run on a different host/port than the frontend, make sure to handle `OPTIONS` too and return correct `Access-Control-Allow-Origin` and `Access-Control-Allow-Headers` (e.g. `Content-Type`).
### Authentication Header:

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