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馃梽 馃敡 Kotlin + Ktor #138

AndreasVolkmann opened this Issue Sep 1, 2017 · 11 comments


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AndreasVolkmann commented Sep 1, 2017

Progress / ToDo

  • 馃弫 Fork the starter repo & post the link in this issue
  • 馃帹 Create logo for repo & update issue status (@EricSimons)
  • 馃敤 Implement all of Conduit's functionality per the spec & API
  • 馃憖 Move repo to main org & Peer review final codebase by admins/community (RFC)
  • 馃帀 Tag v1 release and officially list it on the README!

Current Status

Codebase in progress: goreRatzete/realworld-kotlin-ktor


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EricSimons commented Sep 27, 2017

@goreRatzete awesome man! Can't wait to see this!


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Muhannad508 commented Oct 2, 2017

@goreRatzete is this project still active? I'm trying to get involved here. And unfortunately, there is no Issues tab in your Github forked project, which make it hard to discuss


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AndreasVolkmann commented Oct 2, 2017

@Muhannad508 Hi there. Yes it is still alive. I had a smaller break but will continue working on it soon. I haven't created any issues since I was working alone so far. I can either tell you what needs to be done, or you can have a look yourself.
Also I have placed many TODOs in the code to show what is missing. If you go through the routes you can quickly find them.

2 things I am not 100% sure on yet:

  1. Database access and design
  2. Json serialization

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soywiz commented Jun 25, 2018

I have implemented a realworld backend using ktor and MongoDB here:

EDIT: @AndreasVolkmann did you finished it? Maybe we can merge efforts.


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AndreasVolkmann commented Jun 25, 2018

@soywiz Hi there, no it's not finished. Mainly I am waiting for the optional auth feature before proceeding. I see you build it manually in your repo.

Is your's feature complete yet? Of course we can / should merge.
One thing that I would change in your setup is the use of Mongo.
I use an in-memory H2 DB which makes it lighter and easier to try out locally, because you do not have to install any db.


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soywiz commented Jun 26, 2018

@AndreasVolkmann Nice. FYI: We have just released 0.9.3 that supports optional authentication.


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AndreasVolkmann commented Jun 27, 2018

@soywiz Yeah I saw it 馃憤 Great job by the way.
Again, is you version feature complete yet?
I see no reason to maintain two separate repos.
We have a couple of options afaik:

  • Merge your code into my project
  • Deprecate my project and use yours from now on

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soywiz commented Jun 27, 2018

My version is feature complete as far as I know, but it's a bit quick and dirty and needs reviewing and a bit polishing.

Using h2 to not have external dependencies is a good idea for people to use it, but I also think that using another readical different db engine like mongodb provides value to show another way of doing things.
I think that realworld won't require too much effort maintaining once it is done and people could contribute to the implementation.

My proposal would be to complete your version and publish it, and maybe, later, add a folder with another possible implementation using mongodb?

@Cameron-C-Chapman Cameron-C-Chapman added rfc and removed wip labels Jul 14, 2018


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anishkny commented Aug 21, 2018

@AndreasVolkmann @soywiz did we settle on a final merged version of this repo? If so could we get this building on TravisCI. It really helps get rid of system dependent hacks and gets everyone on the same page. Thanks!


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soywiz commented Aug 22, 2018

Nothing new from my side. But my proposal is still to finish the H2 version, and once it is published explore options.
@AndreasVolkmann I can help you finish your implementation if you don't have enough time, and if you are accepting PRs


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AndreasVolkmann commented Aug 26, 2018

@anishkny @soywiz
I am on vacation at the moment and will be moving shortly afterwards, so not a lot of time on my hands. PRs are welcome.

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