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<title>&lt;gothy&gt;: hi there</title>
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<meta name="author" content="gothy">
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<h2>Dmitry Utkin a.k.a gothy</h2>
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<h1>Dmitry Utkin</h1>
<h2>Who am I</h2>
<p>I'm a 26 year old software developer / team lead / architect / whatever
from Odessa, Ukraine. </p>
<p>Started to code when I was 15 and still can't stop myself
building new software :)</p>
<h2>What I did</h2>
<p>I did a lot of things in mobile. Like one of the most popular
mobile IM clients available on the market. Took part in building clients
for variety of mobile platforms. Also wrote lots of
backend code in Java long time ago...</p>
<h2>What I'm doing now</h2>
<p>I'm focused on the web. It's really the most interesting
and trending area in modern software development, IMHO.</p>
<p>Scalable web systems and rich web user interfaces -
this stuff really excites me :) </p>
<h2>What I've created lately</h2>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Monitorius</a> is a bootstrapped startup,
uptime monitoring made simple.</p>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">IM+ Web</a> is my favorite product, a web-based multiprotocol IM client.</p>
<h2>What I use </h2>
<p>Languages: Python, CoffeeScript, JavaScript </p>
<p>Hosting: Linode, Rackspace Cloud, Amazon EC2</p>
Tools: <ul>
<li>OS X, Linux</li>
<li>Django, CherryPy, Tornado, Flask, node.js</li>
<li>jQuery, jQuery UI, backbone.js, Bootstrap, Kango Framework</li>
<li>mongoDB, MySQL. Played with Redis and Cassandra also</li>
<li>git, nginx, RabbitMQ, Socket.IO/tornadio, Orbited and lots of other stuff...</li>
<p>Check out my formal
<a href="" target="_blank">resume</a>
if you like.</p>
<h2>Contacts and social profiles</h2>
<p>Twitter: <a href="!/gothy" target="_blank">@gothy</a></p>
<p>LinkedIn: <a href=""
target="_blank">Dmitry Utkin</a></p>
<p>МойКруг: <a href=""
target="_blank">Дмитрий Уткин</a></p>
<p>Tumblr blog: <a href="" target="_blank">
Building Software</a></p>
<p>Github: <a href="" target="_blank">gothy</a></p>
<p>Facebook: <a href="">
Dmitry Utkin</a></p>
<p>Google+: <a href=""
target="_blank">Dmitry Utkin</a></p>
<p> <a href=""
<p>Email/Gtalk: <a id="email" href="mailto:dmitry.utkin">
<p>Skype: <a href="skype:gothyshape?chat">gothyshape</a></p>
<p>&copy; gothy, last update 23 May 2012</p>
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