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Package for fast copying structs of different types

GoDev Go Report Card Mentioned in Awesome Go

This package is meant to make copying of structs to/from others structs a bit easier.

Nested structures, embedded types, pointers, sql null types are supported.


go get -u


type Person struct {
    Name       string
    MiddleName *string
    Surname    string

type User struct {
    Email   string
    Age     int8
    Married bool

type Employee struct {
    Name       string
    MiddleName string
    Surname    string
    Email      string
    Age        int

src := User{
    Person: Person{
        Name:       "John",
        MiddleName: nil,
        Surname:    "Smith",
    Email:   "",
    Age:     33,
    Married: false,
dst := Employee{}

copiers := copy.New() // New("json")
copiers.Copy(&dst, &src)

// Or more fast use case is to create the type specific copier.

copier := copiers.Get(&Employee{}, &User{}) // Created once for a pair of types.
copier.Copy(&dst, &src)

Alternative projects

Benchmarks source code can be found here

go test -bench=. -benchmem ./...
goos: darwin
goarch: amd64
BenchmarkManualCopy-12         177310519         6.92 ns/op          0 B/op        0 allocs/op
BenchmarkCopiers-12             13476417         84.1 ns/op          0 B/op        0 allocs/op
BenchmarkCopier-12              40226689         27.5 ns/op          0 B/op        0 allocs/op
BenchmarkJinzhuCopier-12          407480         2711 ns/op       2480 B/op       34 allocs/op
BenchmarkDeepcopier-12            262836         4346 ns/op       4032 B/op       73 allocs/op
ok    6.922s

See the documentation for more information.


Apache 2.0