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Crunchy Bunny

Theme history for Crunchy Family, as created by @gotjane on Github. Functions credited appropriately where possible (via "sauce"); most everything without a source listed is derived from the Codex and Developer section. Should you opt for using any piece of this, please credit appropriately but do not copy parts of the theme in full, because plagiarism is gross and illegal.

If you've suggestions to make this theme better, or even fixes for existing bugs, please let me know.~ I'm no pro by any means and am interested in learning (I just...don't speak the jargon).

v1.0 - Crunchy Bunny • 22 March, 2019

View release post on blog

Rebrand of Crunchy Family, featuring orange, blue and hexagons. Specks of yellow and pink are sprinkled throughout, to add more color to the overall palette.

Known bugs

Imperfections lie within, but perfection was not the goal prior to release, since it leads to stalling and procrastination.

  • h1 too big when shrunken window size; quick fix = word break & hyphenation
  • featured image not always proportional if pulling first image in case of no thumbnail selected
  • header navigation is weird the shorter the window gets
  • unproportionate images
  • wordpress screws up images with inline CSS fixed by adding add_filter( 'img_caption_shortcode_width', '__return_false' ); to functions.php
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