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=== 2.0.0 / 2010-11-11
* 3 major enhancements:
* Added minitest/benchmark! Assert your performance! YAY!
* Refactored runner to allow for more extensibility. See minitest/benchmark.
* This makes the runner backwards incompatible in some ways!
* 9 minor enhancements:
* Added MiniTest::Unit.after_tests { ... }
* Improved output by adding test rates and a more sortable verbose format
* Improved readme based on feedback from others
* Added io method to TestCase. If used, it'll supplant '.EF' output.
* Refactored IO in MiniTest::Unit.
* Refactored _run_anything to _run_suite to make it easier to wrap (ngauthier)
* Spec class names are now the unmunged descriptions (btakita)
* YAY for not having redundant rdoc/readmes!
* Help output is now generated from the flags you passed straight up.
* 4 bug fixes:
* Fixed scoping issue on minitest/mock (srbaker/prosperity)
* Fixed some of the assertion default messages
* Fixes autorun when on windows with ruby install on different drive (larsch)
* Fixed rdoc output bug in spec.rb
=== 1.7.2 / 2010-09-23
* 3 bug fixes:
* Fixed doco for expectations and Spec.
* Fixed test_capture_io on 1.9.3+ (sora_h)
* assert_raises now lets MiniTest::Skip through. (shyouhei)
=== 1.7.1 / 2010-09-01
* 1 bug fix:
* 1.9.2 fixes for spec tests
=== 1.7.0 / 2010-07-15
* 5 minor enhancements:
* Added assert_output (mapped to must_output).
* Added assert_silent (mapped to must_be_silent).
* Added examples to readme (Mike Dalessio)
* Added options output at the top of the run, for fatal run debugging (tenderlove)
* Spec's describe method returns created class
=== 1.6.0 / 2010-03-27
* 10 minor enhancements:
* Added --seed argument so you can reproduce a random order for debugging.
* Added documentation for assertions
* Added more rdoc and tons of :nodoc:
* Added output to give you all the options you need to reproduce that run.
* Added proper argument parsing to minitest.
* Added unique serial # to spec names so order can be preserved (needs tests). (phrogz)
* Empty 'it' fails with default msg. (phrogz)
* Remove previous method on expect to remove 1.9 warnings
* Spec#it is now order-proof wrt subclasses/nested describes.
* assert_same error message now reports in decimal, eg: oid=123. (mattkent)
* 2 bug fixes:
* Fixed message on refute_same to be consistent with assert_same.
* Fixed method randomization to be stable for testing.
=== 1.5.0 / 2010-01-06
* 4 minor enhancements:
* Added ability to specify what assertions should have their args flipped.
* Don't flip arguments on *include and *respond_to assertions.
* Refactored Module.infect_an_assertion from Module.infect_with_assertions.
* before/after :all now bitches and acts like :each
* 3 bug fixes:
* Nested describes now map to nested test classes to avoid namespace collision.
* Using undef_method instead of remove_method to clean out inherited specs.
* assert_raises was ignoring passed in message.
=== 1.4.2 / 2009-06-25
* 1 bug fix:
* Fixed info handler for systems that don't have siginfo.
=== 1.4.1 / 2009-06-23
* 1 major enhancement:
* Handle ^C and other fatal exceptions by failing
* 1 minor enhancement:
* Added something to catch mixed use of test/unit and minitest if $DEBUG
* 1 bug fix:
* Added SIGINFO handler for finding slow tests without verbose
=== 1.4.0 / 2009-06-18
* 5 minor enhancement:
* Added clarification doco.
* Added specs and mocks to autorun.
* Changed spec test class creation to be non-destructive.
* Updated rakefile for new hoe capabilities.
* describes are nestable (via subclass). before/after/def inherits, specs don't.
* 3 bug fixes:
* Fixed location on must/wont.
* Switched to __name__ to avoid common ivar name.
* Fixed indentation in test file (1.9).
=== 1.3.1 / 2009-01-20
* 1 minor enhancement:
* Added miniunit/autorun.rb as replacement for test/unit.rb's autorun.
* 16 bug fixes:
* 1.9 test fixes.
* Bug fixes from nobu and akira for really odd scenarios. They run ruby funny.
* Fixed (assert|refute)_match's argument order.
* Fixed LocalJumpError in autorun if exception thrown before at_exit.
* Fixed assert_in_delta (should be >=, not >).
* Fixed assert_raises to match Modules.
* Fixed capture_io to not dup IOs.
* Fixed indentation of capture_io for ruby 1.9 warning.
* Fixed location to deal better with custom assertions and load paths. (Yuki)
* Fixed order of (must|wont)_include in MiniTest::Spec.
* Fixed skip's backtrace.
* Got arg order wrong in *_match in tests, message wrong as a result.
* Made describe private. For some reason I thought that an attribute of Kernel.
* Removed disable_autorun method, added autorun.rb instead.
* assert_match escapes if passed string for pattern.
* instance_of? is different from ===, use instance_of.
=== 1.3.0 / 2008-10-09
* 2 major enhancements:
* renamed to minitest and pulled out test/unit compatibility.
* mini/test.rb is now minitest/unit.rb, everything else maps directly.
* 12 minor enhancements:
* assert_match now checks that act can call =~ and converts exp to a
regexp only if needed.
* Added assert_send... seems useless to me tho.
* message now forces to string... ruby-core likes to pass classes and arrays :(
* Added -v handling and switched to @verbose from $DEBUG.
* Verbose output now includes test class name and adds a sortable running time!
* Switched message generation into procs for message deferment.
* Added skip and renamed fail to flunk.
* Improved output failure messages for assert_instance_of, assert_kind_of
* Improved output for assert_respond_to, assert_same.
* at_exit now exits false instead of errors+failures.
* Made the tests happier and more readable imhfo.
* Switched index(s) == 0 to rindex(s, 0) on nobu's suggestion. Faster.
* 5 bug fixes:
* 1.9: Added encoding normalization in mu_pp.
* 1.9: Fixed backtrace filtering (BTs are expanded now)
* Added back exception_details to assert_raises. DOH.
* Fixed shadowed variable in mock.rb
* Fixed stupid muscle memory message bug in assert_send.
=== 1.2.1 / 2008-06-10
* 7 minor enhancements:
* Added deprecations everywhere in test/unit.
* Added test_order to TestCase. :random on mini, :sorted on test/unit (for now).
* Big cleanup in test/unit for rails. Thanks Jeremy Kemper!
* Minor readability cleanup.
* Pushed setup/run/teardown down to testcase allowing specialized testcases.
* Removed pp. Tests run 2x faster. :/
* Renamed deprecation methods and moved to test/unit/deprecate.rb.
=== 1.2.0 / 2008-06-09
* 2 major enhancements:
* Added Mini::Spec.
* Added Mini::Mock. Thanks Steven Baker!!
* 23 minor enhancements:
* Added bin/use_miniunit to make it easy to test out miniunit.
* Added -n filtering, thanks to Phil Hagelberg!
* Added args argument to #run, takes ARGV from at_exit.
* Added test name output if $DEBUG.
* Added a refute (was deny) for every assert.
* Added capture_io and a bunch of nice assertions from zentest.
* Added deprecation mechanism for assert_no/not methods to test/unit/assertions.
* Added pp output when available.
* Added tests for all assertions. Pretty much maxed out coverage.
* Added tests to verify consistency and good naming.
* Aliased and deprecated all ugly assertions.
* Cleaned out test/unit. Moved autorun there.
* Code cleanup to make extensions easier. Thanks Chad!
* Got spec args reversed in all but a couple assertions. Much more readable.
* Improved error messages across the board. Adds your message to the default.
* Moved into Mini namespace, renamed to Mini::Test and Mini::Spec.
* Pulled the assertions into their own module...
* Removed as much code as I could while still maintaining full functionality.
* Moved filter_backtrace into MiniTest.
* Removed MiniTest::Unit::run. Unnecessary.
* Removed location_of_failure. Unnecessary.
* Rewrote test/unit's filter_backtrace. Flog from 37.0 to 18.1
* Removed assert_send. Google says it is never used.
* Renamed MiniTest::Unit.autotest to #run.
* Renamed deny to refute.
* Rewrote some ugly/confusing default assertion messages.
* assert_in_delta now defaults to 0.001 precision. Makes specs prettier.
* 9 bug fixes:
* Fixed assert_raises to raise outside of the inner-begin/rescue.
* Fixed for ruby 1.9 and rubinius.
* No longer exits 0 if exception in code PRE-test run causes early exit.
* Removed implementors method list from mini/test.rb - too stale.
* assert_nothing_raised takes a class as an arg. wtf? STUPID
* ".EF" output is now unbuffered.
* Bunch of changes to get working with rails... UGH.
* Added stupid hacks to deal with rails not requiring their dependencies.
* Now bitch loudly if someone defines one of my classes instead of requiring.
* Fixed infect method to work better on 1.9.
* Fixed all shadowed variable warnings in 1.9.
=== 1.1.0 / 2007-11-08
* 4 major enhancements:
* Finished writing all missing assertions.
* Output matches original test/unit.
* Documented every method needed by language implementor.
* Fully switched over to self-testing setup.
* 2 minor enhancements:
* Added deny (assert ! test), our favorite extension to test/unit.
* Added .autotest and fairly complete unit tests. (thanks Chad for help here)
=== 1.0.0 / 2006-10-30
* 1 major enhancement
* Birthday!
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