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Android app to take geotagged photos and upload them to GeoCam Share

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GeoCam Mobile for Android


The main/master repo for this project is located in the geocam organization's github account. If you are not there, you are probably on an unofficial fork. Please go here:


GeoCam Mobile for Android is, unsurprisingly, the Android portion of the GeoCam Project. Currently there only exists this Android-based mobile software to support the GeoCam Project.

This software is, essentially, an application to upload geo-tagged, oriented photos to a server in hopes to aid in disaster management. It also contains a GPS track recorder and periodic live position uploading.

See for more details on the GeoCam project.

See the docs directory for more information about this code.

The main/master repo for this project is located in the geocam organization's github account.


You may contribute in a multitude of ways:

  1. Report bugs to us on the bug tracker.
  2. Fork this project and fix the bugs you find. Send us a Pull Request.

If your contribution is significant, you may be asked to sign a contributor agreement, either as an individual or as a corporation.


For suggestions, questions, complaints, comments or praise, please contact Ted Morse, Eric Park or Trey Smith.


This software is released under the NOSA License. Please see COPYING for the full text of the license.

This software alse uses a utility Base64 library that is licensed under the LGPL. We claim no authorship to this code, nor are we affiliated with the original author(s).

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