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In Person Company Meetings

While Transeo is currently a remote employer, there will be times you may need to be present for online and in-person meetings. If you are a full-time employee at Transeo you are expected to be at an annual Company Meeting. In the event of extenuating circumstances, please notify your supervisor in advance. If a company meeting is scheduled you will know well in advance of the event.

Company and Department Retreats

Transeo is committed to building strong bonds of trust and commitment amongst its employees. To this end, Transeo may hold company-wide and department-level retreats or outings. These events will explicitly and implicitly focus on objectives such as leadership, product development, innovation, and team cohesiveness.

Attendance at company or department outings will be mandatory unless otherwise approved by the hosting supervisor. The events will be announced well in advance to allow for maximum attendance and travel accommodations.

When appropriate, Transeo will pay for the costs of attendance, including travel costs. This will be in accordance with our travel and expense policy.