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Connective Technology

One of our motivating principles is creating technology that is connective in nature. To us, this means that our products are innovative, intuitive, and most importantly, accessible.

When designing a product at Transeo, it’s very important to us that the product fits these guidelines. We’ve found this framework to be incredibly successful at conveying our message through tech. As we continue to grow as a company and as a tool used in communities around the country, we have to ensure that the quality of our products stays the same.

The idea of connective technology sounds great, but where does Transeo fit into this picture? Let’s start with innovative. Most schools are still using pen and paper to track their hours. Think about that - we know that statistically, at least 55% of high school students will volunteer at some point in high school, and that’s without accounting for the schools that mandate it for graduation. We also know that students who volunteer are more likely to be successful in school. So, we know that this behavior leads to greater overall success. Why aren’t schools using the best tools available to track and analyze this crucial cultural process?

In terms of intuitive software, we believe strongly that design and UI considerations are not an afterthought. They are an integral part of the system. Our goal from the minute the student starts using the system is to minimize the possibility that they will leave before entering their data. Transeo is intuitive because we focus on the user, and we understand the product. We’re not trying to crowd everything up with little, unfocused tools. It comes down to a simple idea: we believe in our mission, and our technology should exist to enable that mission not create it.

Finally, and perhaps the most important, is accessibility. We’re a mobile-first company meaning that every page we design is compatible with all mobile devices available on the market. One of the biggest struggles that we’ve seen while incorporating our software into school ecosystems is the wide range of socioeconomic ability. Some students have access to multiple different devices in which they can log their community service, while other students may only have an outdated smart device if that. We recognize that our software cannot be successful or impactful with making it accessible for every audience, so we make sure that it can run on every possible device, and as a result, for close to every student.

Here’s the bottom line - we’re working on a product that is meant to be successful in the market. That’s basic business that we’re not trying to hide. However, as we start to explore where we fit into this sphere of ed-tech and innovation, we’re discovering that, perhaps, we represent something much larger. It’s our job, as a team, to work towards finding that “something” together. Welcome to Transeo!