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Culture is really important to us - we say that not as a recruiting technique or to hide what it's actually like to work with us. Quite simply, we really care about people, our mission, and each other. This manifests in really impactful ways, like our recognition that you have lives outside of Transeo.

Sometimes it feels like companies have forgotten that, when you go deep enough, every piece of technology that we build is about people. We want you to have lives and passions outside of this company. We're really grateful that our team feels strongly about our mission and our purpose, but remind yourself that it's ok to take a step back sometimes. We'll all be better for it.

Corporate Goal and Mission

Corporate Goal: To create a suite of solutions that is rich in value and has high market penetration.

Mission: To eliminate paper-based inefficiencies in the educational sector.

Required Reading

These articles are at the core of what we believe in. Please read them!

Our 4 Core Principles

Work more like a team than a family

The tech world is plagued with the statement, “come join our family,” which is often used to keep employees working endless hours. We believe in working together as a team, not as a family. This idea manifests in our belief that we don't need to work long hours to make a great product, or abandon the outside world to keep the company alive. Instead, Transeo is all about balance: balance in work, balance in life, and balance in our company.

We want you to feel a bond with Transeo's mission, and sometimes, that bond can create a family-like vibe. However, this feeling should give you professional meaning and purpose, not force you to work long hours or lose sight of everything else.

This line from Netflix’s culture page ( sums it up nicely:

“We model ourselves on being a team, not a family. A family is about unconditional love, despite your siblings’ unusual behavior. A dream team is about pushing yourself to be the best teammate you can be, caring intensely about your teammates, and knowing that you may not be on the team forever.”

Prioritize your mental health

This one is so important. We’re all human, and sometimes working in tech can push us to our extremes. Transeo is not like that; we believe in taking time to reflect and breathe. Be careful not to confuse this with a laid back or easy work environment, though. Transeo’s development culture is fast-paced, innovative, exciting, and sometimes demands a lot - but never at the expense of your mental wellbeing. For more on this, check out required reading number 1 and 2.

Be a lifelong learner

Transeo is an education company - at the end of the day, we exist to help students across the country realize and act upon their potential. Our technology is not supposed to tell them what their future should look like. Instead, we're here to illuminate the path so that they can make more intelligent, well-informed decisions. We believe that education is a fundamental human right and that everyone in the world should have the opportunity to learn. As such, a critical part of our culture is utilizing our position of privilege to learn as much as we can. We do this so that we can build better products and better solutions to help others continue their own learning, and their own exploration. We expect that all Transeo team members fearlessly pursue the promise of new knowledge with the understanding that it's not about how much we can learn, but rather, it's about why we choose to continue learning in the first place.

Embrace Failure

As an educational company, we have a unique responsibility to try our hardest not to massively break things. Although this should, theoretically, be the goal for all products, we know that some companies encourage reckless failure in the pursuit of learning new lessons. We embrace this philosophy as well - to an extent. Our software is used by students across the country to track real-life, impactful data points. If our systems go down during college application season, we might hinder someone's opportunity to use their own data to bolster their application. It sounds dramatic, but the potential outcomes are very real. Because of this reality, we strive to be intentional in how we fail. This means that you'll never be punished for making a mistake, but you will be expected to introspectively analyze what went wrong and how you can fix that process for the future - not just for yourself, but for your team. This also means being completely open and transparent about our failures, which can be tough to do sometimes. That being said, as a team member you should feel 100% confident in your ability to make mistakes. We just ask that you admit to them when they happen, not so that we can blame you, but so that we can sit down and walk through how to make it better for next time.


Our entire marketing, sales, and product strategy is based around one simple concept: intention. We believe that every action that we take should be calculated and thought over for the maximum effect. This means that as we continue to scale up to schools across the country, every business and tech decision that we make needs to be intentional and in line with our end mission.

Our philosophy is fairly different from how some companies choose to work because many fail to consider how their every day actions fit into their mission and end goals. This way of thinking applies to everything we do, from the lines of code we write to the schools that we add to our platform.

It sounds intense, and sometimes it can be. This type of thinking requires a lot of time and consideration. In the end, though, it pays off because it gives us the opportunity to think about Transeo's social responsibility, and how our actions contribute to that responsibility. In short, acting intentionally helps us create products in a much more rewarding way.