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Dream Policy

We understand that our employees interests, passions, and hobbies go beyond their careers at Transeo. As part of our corporate mission, we want to make it a priority for each team member to take the opportunity to “dream” and come up with new ways to not only improve the business, but to improve yourself. At the end of the day, we’re an education company and we believe that education is a fundamental human right. As such, we’ve made it part of our cultural to be life-long learners always striving to better ourselves, the company, and the students we serve. If there are projects you have been working on or accomplishments of which you are proud, we want to know about it! We also want to try to assist you with your passion, interests, or hobbies. This can include but is not limited to working in other areas of the company, investing in new products and ideas for Transeo, or other personal goals. If you have something in mind reach out to your immediate supervisor.