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What Transeo Expects From You

  • Hard work
    • We won't to sugar coat it - the work that we're doing at Transeo is not easy. However, we also believe that growth cannot happen when faced with easily surmountable obstacles. We ask that when you encounter a challenge that might be too difficult to handle alone, reach out. There is no shame in asking someone else on the team for help. In fact, we encourage this, as it helps build our team culture and collaboration. You should expect to work hard on this product, but you should also expect that it won't be just you.
  • Honesty and integrity
    • In order for us to successfully craft a solid team culture, all of our employees must be open and honest about their actions. If you make a mistake, own up to it. We're not going to yell at you, we're going to learn from it. We expect that you will abide by this simple rule in all of your Transeo interactions, all the way down to something as simple as needing some time off. That's perfectly reasonable, but we need to know about it, so just be open and up-front.
  • Belief in our mission
    • We're not like other tech companies who say that they are going to "change the world" and then take no actionable steps toward that goal. Our mission is very simple: To eliminate paper-based inefficiencies in the educational sector. We know that our mission can actually, truly, make the world a better place, but it won't work if you don't buy into it. Every product decision that we make is driven by this mission, from the placement of a button to the name "Transeo", which means "I Transform" in Latin. We're intentional in everything we do because it pushes us to keep making the world a better place. Now, we need you to help us go even further.

What You Can Expect From Transeo

  • Honesty
    • We're all about transparency at Transeo. This stems from our belief that everyone on our team is a part of the greater mission, so if you have a question, just ask us and we'll be 100% open and honest with you.
  • Support
    • Transeo wants to support you in as many ways as possible. If you need something, whether it's time off, code help, or support in any other way, please just reach out and ask.
  • Flexibility
    • We are understanding and flexible at Transeo. Things come up, calendars change, more important stuff arises, we get it. We'll work with you to make sure that you are comfortable and at your best when it comes to work.