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Releases: gottcode/focuswriter


26 Sep 17:57
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Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Did not play sound effect when pressing enter
  • FIXED: Played sound effect when opening files
  • FIXED: Missing version number

Translation Updates

  • Dutch

Full Changelog: v1.8.2...v1.8.3


01 Sep 15:00
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Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Could not change language in portable mode
  • FIXED: Crashed during paste from context menu
  • FIXED: First line indent was lost on empty paragraphs

Code Improvements

  • Always write RTF as Latin1
  • Replaced ICU with iconv
  • Improved Linux deployment

Translation Updates

Translation updates: German, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Swedish

Full Changelog: v1.8.1...v1.8.2


02 Jul 15:14
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Code Improvements

  • Always write plain text as UTF-8
  • Always write RTF as codepage 1252
  • Replaced QTextCodec with ICU

Translation updates

  • Estonian, German

Full Changelog: v1.8.0...v1.8.1


20 Jun 17:53
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Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Lines were randomly duplicated in ODT
  • FIXED: Did not read text from lists in ODT
  • FIXED: Formatting was lost when restoring untitled documents from cache
  • FIXED: Loading headings caused document to shift vertically
  • FIXED: Timers did not show countdown in tooltip
  • FIXED: Sometimes could not remove dictionaries

Code Improvements

  • Only restore changed files from cache
  • Refactored code
  • Removed XPM icon
  • Switched to Qt 6
  • Updated Unicode symbols database
  • Updated Windows dictionaries

Translation updates

Armenian, Bosnian, Czech, Dutch, French, Georgian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmål, * Norwegian Bokmål (Norway), Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Full Changelog: v1.7.0...v1.8.0