the swiss army knife for dynamixel servo motors
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The swiss army knife for dynamixel servo motors.


  • Automatic Motor discovery
  • All Baudrates (even nonstandard baudrates)
  • Dynamixel Protocol V1 and V2
  • Support for all currently produced dynamixel motors
  • Reading registers with additional information and pretty output
  • Reading/Writing individual registers or register groups
  • Represent motors and their registers as a fuse mounted filesystem for easy scriptability
  • reboot motors

supported motors

  • MX28: [MX-28T, MX-28R, MX-28AT, MX-28AR]
  • MX64: [MX-64T, MX-64R, MX-64AT, MX-64AR]
  • MX106: [MX-106T, MX-106R]
  • MX12: [MX-12W]
  • MX28-V2: [MX-28T-V2, MX-28R-V2, MX-28AT-V2, MX-28AR-V2]
  • MX64-V2: [MX-64T-V2, MX-64R-V2, MX-64AT-V2, MX-64AR-V2]
  • MX106-V2: [MX-106T-V2, MX-106R-V2]
  • XH430-W350: [XH430-W350-T, XH430-W350-R]
  • XH430-W210: [XH430-W210-T, XH430-W210-R]
  • XM430-W350: [XM430-W350-T, XM430-W350-R]
  • XM430-W210: [XM430-W210-T, XM430-W210-R]
  • XH430-V350: [XH430-V350]
  • XH430-V210: [XH430-V210]
  • XL430-W250: [XL430-W250]
  • XM540-W150: [XM540-W150-T, XM540-W150-R]
  • XM540-W270: [XM540-W270-T, XM540-W270-R]
  • M42-10-S260-R: [M42-10-S260-R]
  • M54-40-S250-R: [M54-40-S250-R]
  • M54-60-S250-R: [M54-60-S250-R]
  • H42-20-S300-R: [H42-20-S300-R]
  • H54-100-S500-R: [H54-100-S500-R]
  • H54-200-S500-R: [H54-200-S500-R]
  • XL-320: [XL-320]
  • AX-12A: [AX-12A]
  • AX-18A: [AX-18A]
  • AX-12W: [AX-12W]


inspexel comes with several subcommands. Each subommand represents a different aspect or way to configure a dynamixel motor or inquire its configuration. All commands accept the arguments

  • --device [path-to-serial-device] select the serial device
  • --baudrate [baudrate-in-baud] select the baudrate to communicate to the motors (some commands also support multiple baudrates)
  • --protocol_verion [1/2] use either protocol version 1 or 2

detect all connected motors

$ inspexel


$ inspexel detect

add the flag --read_all flag to get the content of all registers nicely printed.

$ inspexel detect --read_all

consol output of inspexel

Reboot a motor

Reboots motor with id 3

$ inspexel reboot --id 3

Manual setting of register(s)

Set register 0x44 of motor 3 to value 1

$ inspexel set_register --register 0x44 --values 1 --id 0x03

Fuse integration

inspexel can expose all registers of all connected as a fuse filesystem.

$ inspexel fuse

inspexel will create a directory dynamixelFS. Then a detect cycle is run automatically and every detected motor will be represented in a subdirectory of dynamixelFS (e.g., dynamixelFS/11/ for motor with id 11). Within that directory are two subdirectories containing files representing the registers either by name dynamixelFS/11/by-register-name or by address dynamixelFS/11/by-register-id. A read on any of the containing files will make inspexel perform a read of the corresponding register and return the content as string. You can use that to live monitor the value of a register:

$ inspexel fuse & && watch cat "dynamixelFS/11/by-register-name/Present\ Position"

Likewise you can set register values as if they were files:

$ inspexel fuse & && echo 1 > dynamixelFS/11/by-register-name/LED

Further you can manually trigger detection of a motor by writing the motorID to look for to dynamixelFS/detect_motor:

echo 11 > dynamixelFS/detect_motor


getting help:

inspexel --help


man inspexel

How to install

Ubuntu 16.04

# install gcc-8
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test -y
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install g++-8 gcc-8
# build inspexel
git clone
cd inspexel
make && sudo make install


# build inspexel
git clone
cd inspexel
make && sudo make install