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Teapot - Scala implemenation


The approach to solving the problem is based on Analytic Geometry. The basic idea is that in an non-right triangle there can be only one vertical or horizontal line that crosses a vertex and an edge at the same time. Therefore, to decompose an arbitrary triangle to a set of right triangles, what we need to do is draw horizontal or vertical lines that pass through each triangle vertex and extend to the triangle's bounding box. Using analytical geometry, we can calculate the point D where one of those lines crosses the triangle's vertex and we know already that the vertex (i.e. B). If we know the coordinates of this point and those of the original triangle vertices (i.e. A,B,C), we can split the triangle as follows.

tr1 = A, B, D
tr2 = C, B, D

We then continue the splitting recursively, alternating at each step the direction of the introduced crosslines, until the area of the triangle is too small to be displayed or until we reach to a right triangle.

The implementation provided in this directory does not render the input file correctly. Martin Pinzger discovered that the algorithm to select the vertex to split is not always correct, resulting in extra triangles being drawn. This can also be observed in the screenshot below: several (thousand?) triangles are added and decomposed at the curved areas (e.g. the teapot handle). You can find Martin's fix here.


scalac Teapot.scala 
scala Main ../teapot.txt


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