SaaS Developer Guide

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This guide aims to assist govCMS site builders and developers with best practices towards successful site builds and community contribution.

Developing on SaaS

The govCMS SaaS platform is an environment that doesn't provide direct access to the codebase with the exception of the theme. The codebase is managed and reflects the latest release of the open govCMS project.

Using Site Collections for development

Often referred to as the "Blue/Green" model, Site Collections provide an easy-to-use linear workflow for site development. Site collections allow you to duplicate the "primary" (production) site and make changes to it without impacting the actual primary site. Once those changes are completed, be they site building changes, theme changes or content changes, the site can be promoted to primary and published as the live site.

Its important to note that Site Collection workflow is linear. You shouldn't change things on the primary site while a new release of the site is being worked on as these changes won't persist from the time the primary duplicate is snapped.

Registering a Theme Repo on SaaS

The govCMS programme supports Drupal themes hosted on GitHub. To be able to deploy your theme repository to the SaaS Platform, you must add the govhosting account as a read-only member of your repository (assuming its a private account). Once this is done, the govCMS programme can setup the initial connection of your site theme to your site on the SaaS platform. Please see the link below for more about theme refreshes.

Developing outside of the SaaS environment

Sometimes development needs to be conducted outside of the SaaS platform. For example, content migration tools are not included in govCMS and instead must be added to conduct migrations.

When choosing to develop outside of the SaaS environment, it is important to be aware of the environmental conditions that the SaaS platform operates within:

Parameter Value
PHP 5.6 (upgrade to 7.1 under assessment - Feb 2018)
Memory Limit 128M
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